5to10k Course  

New for 2019 will be a more structured  '5k - 10k' transition.  So that general club runners, or recent C25k graduates can move up a distance, in a controlled manner, over a number of weeks, and ‘graduate’ as 10k runners by completing a local 10k race together;  in the same way C25k Stars graduate with a Parkrun.

It will run in parallel with the next C25k course starting in early January, it would consist of three sessions per week - two led by the club on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, with one other ‘homework’ session. 


– which could be Saturday’s Parkrun or a Monday or Thursday Club session.


Graduation will be a local 10k race in March.

Hopefully the course will also improve your 5k times.  

If you are interested in the course use the 'Contact Us' page to send us a message confirming your interest.

And in Preparation for the course get out there and get running 5k regularly and comfortably !! 

Course Outline is here




Contact us for details of the next 5to10k course